Mission: To leverage relevant millennial passions and the aspirational lifestyle of accomplished business leaders to serve as sources of inspiration and empowerment to help our future leaders become better equipped to define and achieve success.


Tru Access Career Boot Camp is a series of full day live event symposiums that inspires and empowers millennial audiences with actionable insight and real life application on how to succeed in career choices and in life.


The Boot Camps consist of thought leaders from various industries that each share proven methods, tips and approaches from his or her respective journey to success. In addition to the motivational speaking component, the attendees are also engaged via interactive exercises and panel sessions that address real world issues and challenges that otherwise may not be addressed through other channels.

Upcoming Boot Camps

Building Leadership Skills Bootcamp - Raleigh, NC10.19.13

801 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 290
Raleigh, NC 27607

Tap into the LEADER inside of you and increase your visibility and your income as you step into your destiny.


Building Leadership Skills Bootcamp - Baltimore, MD11.2.13

Baltimore, MD

Tap into the LEADER inside of you and increase your visibility and your income as you step into your destiny.


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Boot Camp Testimonials

Tru Pettigrew has been gifted with the ability to provide environments where men can grow! I have personally enhanced my ability to think more diversely, holistically and strategically in my sphere of influence. I am so grateful to be connected to this man and what he provides.

Charles Robinson

Being your own person and defining success on your own terms is a cornerstone of the Millennial mindset and Tru gets it. He wants to see young people win big and do it in a manner that is natural to them. Tru doesn't teach being a nonconformist, rather he motivates young adults to learn the rules of the game of life and to remain grounded in themselves, no matter the situation, to ultimately achieve their highest heights. I’m thankful for my relationship with Tru and I’m certain that it would serve many more Millennials well to have him as a part of their lives.

Chris Wade

Tru has helped me in laying out the plan for my business and has guided me in ways that are unimaginable. He is the voice of generations past, present, and future. Through him I have learned that studying the past will help define the future."

George Tisdale

I am grateful to have Tru in my corner. His dedication to help “millennials” is commendable and his knowledge of the corporate world is unparalleled. His insights are invaluable and his dynamic, fun loving nature is unmatchable. THANKS TRU!

Taylor A. Glymph
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