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By Tru Pettigrew
Nov. 18, 2013 | Comments

Most of the millennials that I meet are impressive. In all fairness, my job is to help millennials identify his or her gifts and talents, so I’m constantly in search of those impressive attributes. The good news is that we all have impressive gifts and talents. Some of you just haven’t discovered them or shared them with the rest of the world yet.

What I find interesting about the times that I’ve been most impressed with my Millennial All-Stars is that their goal at that particular moment was not to impress me. They were simply looking to make an impact.

The reality is that there are times when millennials set out with a specific agenda to impress. There are times when you want to impress your boss, you want impress your friends, you want to impress your parents and the list goes on.

Making a good impression on people and/or being considered impressive is a beautiful thing and you should continue to strive to do so. Let me say this, however, about being impressive… Impressing someone should not be the primary reason for why you do something; it should be the result of why and how you do something.

It has been my experience with my Millennial All-Stars that their primary motivator for why they do what they do is to make an impact. I mention this because when you seek to impact instead of seeking to impress, you usually end up doing both.

I for one am very impressed with millennials because of the game-changing mentality in which they approach life. Millennials want to make a difference. They seek to impact change! That’s impressive.

Leveraging your gifts and your talents to improve the lives of others when you could just focus on lining your own pockets is impressive.

Standing in front of hundreds or thousands of people and speaking from your heart instead of using all your SAT words to show off your vocabulary is impressive. Having the courage to start your own business instead of collecting a paycheck to do something you don’t believe in is impressive.

In closing I’ll say this to my Millennial All-Stars out there. Really think about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Impressing someone is always a great result; just don’t make it the primary goal. Always seek to do what’s right and what’s best first, and you’ll impress them in the process.

Do you want to IMPRESS or do you want to IMPACT?

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