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By Tru Pettigrew
Nov. 10, 2015 | Comments

I had the good fortune of serving as emcee and keynote speaker for the 2015 CEO National Conference recently. It was awesome!

CEO stands for Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization and is a national organization with over 230 chapters on college campuses across the country. Its mission is to inform, support, and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. It’s a great organization with thousands of motivated millennial entrepreneurs fueling its engine.

I must have met hundreds of millennial entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs over the course of the two-day conference. Each student that I met was just as fascinating and enthusiastic as the one before.

Many of the students already had businesses up and running, while some were still in the idea phase. Some weren’t exactly sure what type of business they wanted to start yet, but they knew that they wanted to be an entrepreneur. Regardless of what phase of their business they were in, they all had something in common; they all had that entrepreneurial spirit.

As I reflect on my time, experiences and engagements with these millennial masterminds, I realize that I learned something new about the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship.

What did I learn?

I learned that while most professions can fall under the definition of a job or a career, entrepreneurship is more than that. Entrepreneurship is a calling. It’s powered by purpose.

Every student that I spoke with was excited about how their idea could make their community, this country, or the world a better place.

Their ideas were all based on them wondering how they could improve upon something or create something that should exists that doesn’t exist. The idea explanations always started off with “I was wondering how this could be better” or “I was wondering why do things have to be this way or that way”.

After several conversations, I realized that I was essentially walking in a Millennial Wonder Land”. Everyone’s ideas were inspired by the magic of wonder. Instead of accepting things for how they are, Millennials still harness the magic and the power of wonder.

As we get older, we tend to accept things as they are and conform. We fall victim to traditions, processes, and policies that have been in place for years and never really wonder why they exist. We never really wonder how they can be improved. That, my friends is how we get stuck in a rut. How do you get out of that rut?

My suggestion to any organization, or group out there that is struggling to grow your business, team, or movement is to explore the Millennial Wonder Land. You can do this literally or figuratively.

Break out of that rut and experience the magic of creativity, invention and innovation again. Step into the Millennial Wonder Land and ask yourself why things are the way that they are? Why things aren’t better? And why does your organization even exist?

If you are looking for innovation, creativity, fresh thinking, and new and inspiring ideas… Explore The Millennial Wonder Land. You’ll be glad you did.

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