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By Tru Pettigrew
Oct. 28, 2013 | Comments

I was introduced to a non-profit organization about 2 years ago called Band Together. I've become much more familiar with Band Together and its mission over the last year. Band Together’s slogan is simple… Raise Funds. Raise Awareness. Raise the Bar! This mission is accomplished through an inspired strategy of using live music as a platform for social change. And who doesn't love music?

Music is a universal influencer. It influences your mood, it influences your behavior, and it can even influence an entire culture. Whoever said, “music has charms to soothe a savage beast” was on to something.

I applaud the folks at Band Together for how they so cleverly leverage the universal influence and power of music to impact social change. This year the organization is literally bringing different bands together, to appeal to a cross-cultural and cross-generational audience of music fans in an effort to raise money to help at risk students stay in school and achieve in life.

When I think of the mission, vision and strategy of Band Together, I can’t help but think of the shared personality traits between Band Together and Millennials.

I've discovered so many millennial run organizations that all recognize the universal influence and power of the millennial market. They also recognize that there is responsibility that comes with the influence and power that they wield. Much like Band Together, Millennials understand that there are diverse music groups and genres that will appeal to different audiences based on varied tastes, just like there are diverse approaches and perspectives that will resonate with different audiences based on different cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

I read a post the other day by my man Thomas Carre-Pierrat (@tomcaipi) entitled “The Global Generation is going to rock the world; Why Millennials have to go global”. This piece offered some great perspective on the power of unity and inclusion among the millennial generation.

At the end of the day millennials are very diverse, dynamic, versatile and multifaceted. They are not all the same, they do not look the same and they do not all think the same. Millennials also recognize that it is not about attempting to build camaraderie through influencing sameness, but more about inspiring innovation through embracing the differences.

Millennials have and will continue to band together in the same manner as our friends from Band Together. They are leveraging the universal influence and power of their uniquely different perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds to create cross-culturally appealing experiences for social change.

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