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By Tru Pettigrew
Oct. 07, 2015 | Comments

There are those who struggle with the reality of not having enough, and there are those who struggle with the confusion of not recognizing what is enough.

Which one are you?

It’s amazing to me to work with people who seemingly have everything and never feel like they have enough, and then to work with others that lead relatively humble lives that approach life as if they have way more than enough. I see it everyday.

I have to give props to my millennial crew for helping me to better understand when enough is enough and the best way to determine when enough is enough. The millennial generation, also known as generation y, could also easily be referred to as generation “why?”

Understanding The “Why”

I say this because millennials tend to have a natural curiosity and desire for understanding the “why” behind everything they do. And in many cases, without even realizing it, the desire for understanding why they do something, want something, or should pursue something is what gives that goal, thing or achievement a specific purpose in his or her life. Understanding the specific role or purpose that certain items or resources play in your life, helps to provide clarity for when enough is enough.

We all like nice things, and it takes money to acquire nice things in life. And I encourage you all to work hard so that you can earn plenty of money to be able to afford the nice things that you want for yourself and your family. I also encourage you to maintain your generation “why?” mentality and don’t get caught up strictly in the “what” and the “how”.

Climbing the Ladder

I remember having a conversation with a gen x friend of mine recently. He’s a really accomplished and successful guy that is a senior partner in his business. He was sharing his success story with a group of millennials and explaining to them how he acquired his wealth. The emphasis of his story was his hard work and sacrifice. He went on to explain how as he was climbing the corporate ladder he would be the one to volunteer to take on assignments and shifts of his other colleagues on weekends an holidays that would pay overtime of ridiculous amounts of money. It didn’t matter when it was, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversary… he was focused.

It just so happens that this gentleman is married with three kids, and even after he made partner this paper chase pattern continued. He started off his pursuit of the paper, position, and power as a way to better provide for his family. But even after he acquired a very comfortable lifestyle and healthy bank account, he didn’t let up.

When Enough is Enough

He went even harder. He began to see holidays and weekends as greater revenue opportunities, and nothing more.

He admittedly missed way to many Christmas mornings opening gifts, way too many birthday parties, soccer practices and dance recitals. He went from struggling with the reality of not having enough to struggling with the confusion of not knowing what enough is. This all because he allowed his what and his how to take priority over his why.

The best way to know when enough is enough is to always remember why you’re pursuing what you’re pursuing in the first place.

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