My wife and I had a conversation last night about social media and what we consider responsible social media habits. That of course led to what we consider irresponsible and/or inappropriate social media behavior. Look, I’m a big believer in self-expression and freedom of speech; however I also believe that there is a certain responsibility that comes with that freedom of speech and self-expression. But what is too much? How far is too far?  Recently I’ve seen content ranging from sexually explicit imagery to criminal conduct to border line confessions of infidelity. It appears as if, as a society, we have become very relaxed and comfortable with what we share on social media platforms, forgetting that this information is available for the entire world to see. We need to remember that the content that we share is a direct reflection and representation of how the world sees us. If I may, I’d like to offer up what I call my Kwame Kilpatrick rule. You guys remember Kwame Kilpatrick right? He is the former mayor of Detroit that was part of a text message sex scandal that eventually led to him being removed from office and subsequently receiving jail time for some other things that came to light during the investigation. The phone records revealed over 14,000 text messages exchanged; many of sexually explicit nature between Kwame and his chief of staff Christine Beatty over the course of a year. And they were both married at the time. My lesson from that is that anything you share electronically, you should expect the entire world to see. No matter whom you share it with. And with the state of modern technology and the prevalence of camera phones, flip cams and the like, we have to assume that everything we do or say in public has a strong likelihood of resurfacing somewhere in social media (Mr. Romley). We should assume that there are eye-witnesses everywhere we go watching everything we do.  ..

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