I want to start by saying that I am thankful and grateful to have survived Hurricane Sandy. I was in Brooklyn when she hit the Tri-State area and my prayers and condolences go out to those that lost loved ones during the storm. I also pray for a quick and speedy recovery for all those that suffered any physical, emotional and material damage. The effects and aftermath that I witnessed while in NY were devastating. As the storm was approaching, I recall following the news and hearing the Governors of New York and New Jersey pleading with residents of certain areas and “zones” throughout their respective states to evacuate. It was the Governor of New Jersey, Governor Christopher Christie, which further resonated with me when he expressed the consequences of people’s actions that would not evacuate. The consequences that he shared were that those that did not evacuate would inevitably need emergency assistance requiring him to deploy Rescue & Recovery teams to help and/or save them, thus jeopardizing the lives of his emergency response teams unnecessarily. He also went on to say that those who chose to stay were on their own as he was not inclined to risk the lives of his emergency response teams for the irresponsible choices of those that did not heed the warnings. ..

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