A friend of mine shared an interesting video clip with me the other day. It was a video of rap artist The Game promoting his new album, “Jesus Piece”. I’m sure that my man AP knew that this interview would be of particular interest to me because of my faith, my interest in music, and my love for Hip Hop culture. And he was right. But what captured my interest the most wasn’t so much the artist collaborations or other album related promotional points, I was intrigued by the perspective that Game shared as to what inspired the album concept and title. During the interview, The Game discussed how many of today’s rappers wear Jesus Pieces (gold and/or platinum and often diamond studded medallions of images of Jesus) for which they spend upwards of $50k, in an effort to illustrate their belief, acknowledgement and reverence for God,  yet won’t even drop $100 in the collection plate. He also went on to discuss how he and many other rappers and members of Hip Hop culture believe in God and have or at least want to have a relationship with God. The problem, from The Game’s perspective, in professing to have a relationship with God or even going to church, is the judgment that is passed by Christians and church members because of his lifestyle. He contends that because he likes to smoke blunts and go to strip clubs that shouldn’t mean that he can’t still genuinely appreciate and be in a relationship with God. After watching the interview and seeing some of the responses from the email chain, this stirred my interest on Game’s perspective even more, so I shared the link with a group of my friends. This was a separate group with the same attributes as the first group; saved, love music and love and/or appreciate hip hop. I wanted to gauge their reactions to the video. The reactions were polarizing. Many condemned Game for his ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Some thought it was a clever marketing ploy. And others saw it as progress, a blessing and a window of opportunity to reach someone and help them to grow stronger in his faith.

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